Research Hosting Agreement

I currently employ or plan to employ a researcher from a non-EU/EEA country, once accredited, research organizations can issue accommodation agreements directly to researchers from third countries – accommodation agreements do not need to be verified by the Department. The Irish Universities Association (IUA) manages the day-to-day implementation of the program on behalf of the ministry and maintains a database of all accommodation agreements issued by research organizations and directly linked to the Garda National Immigration Office (GNIB). The host agreement is used by the researcher, if necessary, for visa applications, entry into the state and immigration registration. People from visa-required countries can apply for a multiple-entry visa as soon as they register in Ireland. Within three months of arriving in Ireland, non-EEA researchers must register with their local immigration official. A registration certificate (BNEB) is issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau to a non-EEA national who registers. Each entry certificate issued (residence permit) is subject to a tax of 300 euros. Individuals with contracts of 18 months or less receive an GNI card for the duration of the host agreement, which is normally renewed after 12 months under immigration law. It is the responsibility of a staff member to keep abreast of their permission not to do so, and all related costs must be borne by them. All universities, the Institute of Technology (IoT) and a number of research organisations are accredited for the Fast Track Work Permit for Non EU Research Personnel Scheme. The full list of accredited research institutes is available here. Key investigators who wish to employ a researcher from a third country must complete an appointment form, as is currently the case. The appointment form must clearly state that the employee needs a hosting contract, and electronic contact information for the employee and IP.

The entry of third-country researchers and their families for research purposes has been previously regulated by the Green Card Work Permit System, which is now managed by the ministry`s work permit department. Researchers are included in job categories eligible for work permits for critical qualifications. In order to register, the researcher must present the recording manager with an original copy of his research contract.

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