Sony Mcu Agreement

Disney understands the powers to earn money from Spider-Man, while Sony is aware that it is not able to compete with the mouse at the moment. A new deal is expected to appeal to many Marvel fans. On Friday, the two companies jointly announced that Marvel Studios and its president Kevin Feige will produce the third film in the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” series. Tom Holland will once again play his role as hero of the title. The rumor mill cried out again this week with indications that the two companies were about to make a new deal. In August 2019, Marvel Studios and Disney discussed for several months the extension of their deal with Sony, the latter wishing to record more films than originally agreed, while maintaining the same terms of the original agreement. Disney has expressed concern about Feige`s workload in producing non-Spider-Man MCU films already, and has requested a 25-50% stake in upcoming fig films produced for Sony. [36] [37] [38] Sony had not reached an agreement, so it announced that it would continue without figs or Marvel. They acknowledged that this could change in the future, thanked Figue for his work on Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) and said they appreciated “the way [Figue] put us on The Long Bank, which we will continue.” [37] The Hollywood Reporter added that the end of the studio agreement “almost certainly” meant that Holland`s Spider-Man would no longer be visible in MCU films, but that the chances of the character intersecting with other Marvel films such as the Venom franchise and the Morbius (2021) that was in production at the time would be “significantly increased.” [39] In September, Vinciquerra stated that “for the moment when the door is closed” on Spider-Man`s return to the MCU, and confirmed that the character would be integrated with Sony`s own common universe forward, and said “he will play the other characters” that the studio holds the rights. Responding to the reaction from fans after the announcement, Vinciquerra added: “The people at Marvel are great people, we respect them a lot, but on the other hand, we have pretty great people. Kevin didn`t do all the work… we are quite capable of doing what we need to do here. [40] After a negative reaction from fans at the Disney Convention held every two years, D23 and at Holland`s request, who spoke personally with Disney CEO Bob Iger and Rothman,[41] Disney returned to negotiations with Sony.

[42] Later in September, Sony and Disney announced a new deal that would allow Marvel Studios and Figue to produce a third MCU Spider-Man movie for Sony, in order to retain the Marvel Cinematic Universe character. [43] Disney reportedly co-financed 25% of the film in exchange for 25% of the film`s profits, while the merchandising rights to the character were retained. [43] The agreement also allowed Spider-Man of Holland to appear in a future Marvel studio film, while Feige stated that the MCU`s Spider-Man`s progression would be able to “cross cinematic universes” and appear in Sony`s own common universe. [43] This interaction has been called “call and response” between the two franchises, as they recognize the details between the two in what would be described in bulk as a common detailed universe.

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