Service Level Agreement Vmware

Scenario – 100 GiB Data is stored on the platform at an expected price of £100 per month, but the UKCloud synthetic transaction monitor is down for two hours, so the service is considered unavailable. 3.4.1 Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary in this SLA or an agreement between the customer and the company, the following provisions apply: downtime does not include loss of external connectivity due to (i) the failure of the VPN service managed by Google (only in the VPN SLA cloud); (ii) the Interconnection or Partner Interconnection error managed by Google (addressed exclusively in the Interconnection SLA); or (iii) networked services – standard level cannot use traffic. We work with you to implement the Cloud Replication Service, maintain the IaaS Cloud Recovery, and provide transparency on the current status of Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and its comparison with the contracted RPO. If RPO status is removed from the contractual RPO, we will work in good faith with you to determine the cause and determine either a correction or a new RPO. You must maintain QOS replication bandwidth, throughput, and data traffic to facilitate contractual RPO based on our recommendations. ClearDATA cannot maintain an RPO if the rate of variation source is higher than the replication technology and/or the bandwidth available to facilitate replication. We reserve the right to modify the RPO based on these variables. If we discover that the contractual RPO cannot be reached, you have the right to cancel the service or accept the other RPO with the lower MRC. In the event that the main cause of non-compliance with the RPO is the insufficiency of the customer band or the inability to modify QOS traffic, a fee may be levied for early termination if you decide to terminate the service. If you are unable or unwilling to perform network, firewall, or VMware upgrades and/or configuration changes within and within the source environment, we will terminate the service without refund and an early termination fee may be charged. You must notify us of any changes (VM disk size, removal or addition of VMs) that you have made to the source environment. We will not provide SLAs for added VMs or changes if you do not notify us of a ticket and confirmation by ClearDATA, followed by a reasonable period of time during which we can make the necessary changes to the recovery site.

Only after we have notified you that the recovery site has been synchronized with the changes made to the source site and the disk recovery disk has been updated with the changes with your consent to the changes will the modified or added devices be covered by the SLA. Services purchased through open, open value, and open value subscription volume license agreements, as well as services in an Office 365 Small Business Premium suite, purchased as Product Keys, are not eligible for service credits based on a service fee. For these services, any service credit for which you may be authorized is credited as service time (i.e. days) as opposed to the service fee, and all references to “applicable monthly fees” are removed and replaced with “Applicable Monthly Period”. 6.2.3 Emergency Management Service. . . .

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